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Schedule:                           7-15th April 2015.

Venue:                                    Hungarian Chess Federation (1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 10.)

System:                                   9 Rounds Swiss

Rate of play:                           (90-90 min/ 40 moves + 30-30 min./all) + 30 sec./move

Maximum delay allowed:    30 minutes

Registration:                           from 14.00 on 7th April 2015

Opening Ceremony:              15.45 on 7th April 2015

Start of rounds:                      16.00 (each day)

Chief Arbiter:                         Györkös Lajos (IA)

Appeals Committee: Announced at start


  1. prize               300.000,- Ft
  2. prize               200.000,- Ft
  3. prize               150.000,- Ft
  4. prize               100.000,- Ft
  5. prize               75.000,- Ft
  6. prize               50.000,- Ft
  7. prize               25.000,- Ft

Prizes will be taxed by the actual tax laws of Hungary.

We kindly inform you that in support of the Women International Spring Chess Festival in Budapest (7-15 th April 2015) the Hungarian Chess Federation can offer free hotel accommodation ( with breakfast) in the Hotel Metro  for the first ten foreign  WGM-s registered, providing they have at least 2350 FIDE-Rating points.
Entries must be sent until 30th March to

More info:

Entry fee:                                      20,- EUR

For GM-s, IM-s, WGM and WIM-s there is no entry fee.

Start list: http://chess-results.com/tnr165029.aspx?lan=1&wi=821&flag=30

Entries to be sent:                     organiser@chess.hu

Rules:                                           The actual FIDE rules are applied

Fee in case of appeal:                20.000, – Ft

Hotels recommended:

Hotel MEDOSZ (District VI, Jókai tér 9) close to Oktogon Metro Station, two tram stations from the tournament hall.

Contact person: Nagy Laszlo IO,  firstsat@hu.inter.net

Other hotels available by:  www.booking.com